Radicalise it

Re-brand it

Re-appropriate it

Re-use it

aDversecamber has been created to manifest creativity and kindness

whilst promoting recycling and reducing landfill (and perhaps inspire a touch of gentle anarchy along the way).

aDversecamber is all about recycling, reusing and reappropriating everyday objects into art and gifts

to give to others without the need for financial gain.

Money is a necessary part of living but it is not everything.


 swerve the other way - change your direction - try a new approach

No Money.

This IS for no money.

It is motivated by not making money.

What Brand is created for no financial gain?

This one.


Taking the money out of the equation creates a free space to enjoy

the act of creating, reappropriating, giving and receiving something

for nothing other than love. 

Give freely and become rich in the joy of giving.






Make do






Be the change and then you will see the change

Old is the New New

Radicalise It

Re brand It

Re use it

Wear something OLD

Choose Second Hand

It fits

you much better

than it fits the

landfill site!

gentle anarchy

an act of rebellion to inspire change

for no profit

for no gain

spread joy and delight

radicalise it - rebrand it - re use it

Original artwork by Janey Brims





can mean


Original artwork by Janey Brims

Original artwork by Janey Brims

As an artist I love to create works of art and have done so for as long as I can remember. However, I find myself once again,  face to face with Hecate, at the crossroads, and in need of a change of direction. I am growing uncomfortable with the idea of continuing to create new things - the world is already so full of everything - there is abundance everywhere and with abundance there comes waste and rubbish. Landfill. Oceans creaking with the sound of plastic. Landscapes littered with debris and detritus. We are bombarded with advertisments to BUY this! Upgrade to  that! You NEED this one! You MUST have that! No we don't. We don't NEED most of these things. Why are we filling our lives with junk? Why buy things to throw them away in a few months time? It has never made sense to me and I have a growing feeling of dread when I look to create NEW things that add to this cacophony of chaos that it modern life. IT all revolves around Money. Money for this, money for that - "just buy more of this crap and you'll feel much better!" 

No you won't

It's empty

This idea, aDversecamber, is my creative response to wanting to still make things that can be given as gifts but use things that already exist so that I don't add more to the pile and perhaps a little less to the bin pile. I do it for love because love IS the most important thing we have and the most important thing to give. I like the idea of making something for NO money. It is not just making something I might sell or give away - it is a conscious decision to make it for NO Financial Gain. It frees me up from gollomising everything I create and measuring the success of things on how much I sell and for what price. Money has created a wall to my creativity so I have bashed it down.

We already have love in abundance. Sharing your love won't make it run out - you have an endless supply within you.   Give Love.     Be Kind.

Be the change you want to see and you will see the change. 

In a world dominated

by money,

give something away


and in good faith


your kindness

will inspire

kindness in others.

Original artwork by Janey Brims

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Original artworks by Janey Brims.

Photograph credits John Ruffle.