Radicalise it

Re-brand it

Re-appropriate it

Re-use it





aDversecamber – it's a different approach - you just can’t buy these items.



It’s all about the no money

Products you don’t buy.

Radicalise It

Recycle It

Reuse It

Regift It


Do it for love.

Give love.

Receive love.

Cherish love.

Show love.


Artifacts and items created or appropriated to be exchanged for something

other than money.

Gifted to you as an act of kindness in the hope

it will inspire you into an act of kindness for someone else.

Share the love.

Spread the love.

Inspire the change.

Be the change.


Items created, radicalised, recycled, reconditioned or upcycled that are given freely as a gesture of love.


not only not for profit – actually FOR No Profit!

Original artwork by Janey Brims

aDversecamber - swerve in a different direction

Original artwork by Janey Brims

In a world dominated

by money,

give something away


and in good faith


your kindness

will inspire

kindness in others.

Original artwork by Janey Brims

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Original artworks by Janey Brims.

Photograph credits John Ruffle.